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Not Just Another Pretty Website

There’s more to a website than just appearance.  In fact, a lot more.  Hey, its got a job to do — and a big job, at that.  It could be your global business card, your sales manager, your counter staff, your marketing executive and a hundred other things.  And it works 24/7!

The bottom line is: “pretty” just isn’t enough.

At Zighead Communications, we strive to build sites that blend style and substance into one complete package.  Yes, they look good, but more importantly, they deliver results.

Our Approach to Website Design

Every business is different and each has different website needs.  Our approach is simple: we get to know your business inside-and-out and then come up with a custom-made solution just for you.


Or more precisely, the homework phase. We get to know your business, your brand, your goals and aspirations... and then we do more research until we're absolutely sure we've got a firm grasp on the task at hand.


We then get down to brain-storming and coming up with effective solutions that will help you achieve your goals. We'll provide you with a site map and fine-tune this until you're satisfied that the structure of your future website is in place.


Time to put together a visual blue-print for your site. You'll receive static image composites of your website and in most cases there'll be a few options to choose from. We'll keep chipping away until a final, glorious design evolves.


With a site-map and design that you love in place, its time to put it all together and bring your website to life. This is where our creative juices really get going as we convert static images into an interactive, engaging masterpiece.

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