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Advanced Custom Fields and qTranslate-X

23 August 2016 | Website Design, WordPress

One of our favorite plugins when building WordPress sites is the fantastic Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) by Elliot Condon which makes creating, editing and using custom fields within posts extremely easy. For those sites that simultaneously use the popular multilingual plugin qTranslate-X, however, things aren’t as straightforward. There is a plugin in the WordPress repository, ACF qTranslate, which supposedly allows custom fields to work with qTranslate but it hasn’t been updated for a while and appears to be broken when using the latest versions of ACF (v5.4 and higher). Continue reading »

Customizing WordPress Admin Panel: ‘At A Glance’ Widget

24 December 2013 | Website Design, WordPress


With most sites we build for clients using WordPress, we do a little customization work on the original WordPress admin area.  One area we often customize is the Dashboard’s ‘Right Now’ widget, which since the upgrade to WordPress 3.8 has come to be known as the ‘At a Glance’ widget.

Despite the name change, the ‘At a Glance’ widget displays the same information as it’s predecessor, including the number of posts and pages that have been published on the site.  Quite often you’ll want to include your custom post types amongst this list, hence the need for customization. Continue reading »

Enqueue IE Conditional Stylesheets in WordPress

02 August 2013 | Website Design, WordPress

You’ve enqueued your CSS files the correct way in WordPress, but what about those pesky IE-conditional stylesheets?

In the example that follows, we’ll demonstrate how to load the default FontAwesome stylesheet from the NetDNA CDN and then show you the quick and easy way to load the IE7 version conditionally. Continue reading »

Installing WordPress on Multiple Folders with IIS

08 June 2013 | Website Design, WordPress

We recently were faced with the need to add an online store onto an existing site.  The original site was built with WordPress, however its theme didn’t lend itself well to our WordPress e-commerce plugin of choice: WooCommerce.

To overcome this with minimal fuss, we chose to run another installation of WordPress using a WooCommerce friendly theme in a subfolder of the site (i.e.

When testing this setup on localhost with XAMPP, we didn’t encounter any issues at all — pretty permalinks worked fine with requests to any posts/pages within the /shop folder being recognized correctly. Continue reading »

Change WordPress Admin Footer

20 April 2012 | Website Design, WordPress

By default, the WordPress admin footer will display: “Thank you for creating with WordPress”.  Modifying this is simple.  Below is an example of the code snippet you would insert into your theme’s functions.php file. Continue reading »

Remove “Update Now” Message from WordPress Admin Area

16 April 2012 | Website Design, WordPress

If you’ve worked with WordPress for any length of time, you’ve seen the WordPress update nag.

wordpress update nag

As an administrator, this is a great little alert to remind you to upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest version and take advantage of all the great new features or important fixes that are part of each new edition. But do non-admins really need to see it? Not if they can’t initiate an upgrade by themselves. Continue reading »