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10GB+ of Free Email Space with Gmail

23 November 2012 | Email, General, Hosting Service, Productivity Tools

Customers hosting their email with Zighead Communications are furnished with the fantastic SmarterMail 10.x mail server.  Of course, due to disk space constraints we set a fixed limit on mailbox sizes and sometimes this just isn’t enough for some users.

In most instances, users should be using a POP3 set-up on their email client to download (and remove) messages from the server.  If not, you’ll soon see the dreaded ‘Mailbox is full’ message which can be a huge hindrance as it puts a stop to all incoming messages until space is made available by deleting existing messages on the server.

So, what should you do if you need to store your email messages online? Google to the rescue! Continue reading »

Online Storage? Google Drive is here…

25 April 2012 | Productivity Tools

Google’s new cloud storage solution, Google Drive, has arrived.  If you’ve been using DropBox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, SugarSync or a similar online backup service, you’re already familiar with cloud storage.

Here’s a quick recap of Google Drive’s features Continue reading »