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OpenCart Database Setup Error

22 May 2013 | Hosting Service, Website Design

I must admit, we’re not very familiar with the OpenCart e-commerce system, but recently we had a client reporting that they were unable to set up OpenCart on their hosting account.

Specifically, the error they were reporting occurred at Step 3 of the install which is when you get to enter your database credentials as shown below.

opencart database installation error

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Get a Free Year of Website Hosting!

28 March 2013 | Hosting Service

free website hosting offer

To celebrate the recent launch of, we’re delighted to announce a fantastic new hosting offer!  We’re giving a full year of website hosting away for free — all you need to do is switch from your current website host over to us.

And to make it even easier on you, we’ll handle the migration process for you.  That includes your website files and folders, your database(s), your emails and everything else that you currently have hosted elsewhere.

To learn more about our hosting plans, simply visit our hosting details page on  And if you have any questions or need clarification, simply get in touch! Showcasing Websites by Zighead

27 March 2013 | Hosting Service, Website Design

phuket website design

To give websites designed by Zighead Communications a home of their own, we recently launched  This uniquely-styled showcase features a large selection of the websites we’ve created over the years.  Although most (if not all) of these can be found on this website itself, we recommend taking a look at the new site for a fresh new perspective on our work.

And so that its easy to find everything related to our web work in one place, you’ll also find a section on our website hosting plans on the new site.

Have a look and let us know what you think!

10GB+ of Free Email Space with Gmail

23 November 2012 | Email, General, Hosting Service, Productivity Tools

Customers hosting their email with Zighead Communications are furnished with the fantastic SmarterMail 10.x mail server.  Of course, due to disk space constraints we set a fixed limit on mailbox sizes and sometimes this just isn’t enough for some users.

In most instances, users should be using a POP3 set-up on their email client to download (and remove) messages from the server.  If not, you’ll soon see the dreaded ‘Mailbox is full’ message which can be a huge hindrance as it puts a stop to all incoming messages until space is made available by deleting existing messages on the server.

So, what should you do if you need to store your email messages online? Google to the rescue! Continue reading »

Hosting Update: Server Migration

22 July 2012 | Hosting Service

Over the past few days we have been performing maintenance on our servers. During the course of the maintenance work, we realized that upgrades and enhancements wouldn’t be as easy as we had thought… the poor machines are getting old and “weak”!

To overcome this, we have decided to migrate those sites hosted on older servers to a newer, more powerful servers.

The new server will provide hosting clients with access to upgraded versions of various software, including Plesk and SmarterMail.

Stand by for further updates!

UPDATE: The server migration has been completed and was a resounding success – no downtime and only a few minor tweaks were needed to get everything running smoothly!