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For: April, 2012

Music on Your Website? Just Say “NO”.

30 April 2012 | Website Design

If you’ve worked as a web designer for any length of time, you’ve probably been faced with the following question from a client: “Can I have music on my website?”.

Having been in the business for a number of years now, we’ve had to answer the above question numerous times with an explanation of why having music on your website is a poor choice. To be honest, the process of convincing a client why it isn’t such a great idea has gotten a wee-bit tiresome.  Continue reading »

Hunter Sotheby’s International Realty Website Wins Award

27 April 2012 | Website Design

We’re thrilled to learn that the site we created for Hunter Sotheby’s International Realty has just been awarded “Best Real Estate Agency Website – Thailand” at the International Property Awards! Congratulations to the whole Zighead team for their efforts on the site.  Of course, a huge amount of credit goes to the Hunter Sotheby’s team for managing the site so well since it went ‘live’ back in September 2011.

Built on a WordPress framework, one of the website’s key features is its AJAX-driven search/sort/filter functionality which allows visitors to narrow down their choices with minimal delay.  Variable size image galleries, automatically generated PDF and printable listings, Google maps, videos and virtual tours are just a few of the additional features that have made the site such a success.

This is the second year in a row that a site built by Zighead Communications has been recognized at the International Property Awards. In 2011, Phillips Property received “Highly Commended Real Estate Agency Website – Thailand”.

Online Storage? Google Drive is here…

25 April 2012 | Productivity Tools

Google’s new cloud storage solution, Google Drive, has arrived.  If you’ve been using DropBox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, SugarSync or a similar online backup service, you’re already familiar with cloud storage.

Here’s a quick recap of Google Drive’s features Continue reading »

The Fast, Cheap & Great Conundrum

20 April 2012 | Graphic Design, Website Design

This infographic by Colin Harman has been around quite a while, but because its so well-designed and accurate we thought we’d share it again. And yes folks, it applies equally well to web design as it does to graphic design (or bridge building, for that matter).

Source: Colin Harman

Change WordPress Admin Footer

20 April 2012 | Website Design, WordPress

By default, the WordPress admin footer will display: “Thank you for creating with WordPress”.  Modifying this is simple.  Below is an example of the code snippet you would insert into your theme’s functions.php file. Continue reading »

Remove “Update Now” Message from WordPress Admin Area

16 April 2012 | Website Design, WordPress

If you’ve worked with WordPress for any length of time, you’ve seen the WordPress update nag.

wordpress update nag

As an administrator, this is a great little alert to remind you to upgrade your WordPress installation to the latest version and take advantage of all the great new features or important fixes that are part of each new edition. But do non-admins really need to see it? Not if they can’t initiate an upgrade by themselves. Continue reading »